Compassion over Competition

A reminder of the bigger purpose in all we do.

The Mississippi State kicker had a rough game. Some would say (including his coach who made condescending remarks in his press conference) that he, alone, lost the game for them. Imagine the pressure a field goal kicker feels, especially when the game is on the line. He’s still a KID. More importantly, he’s a HUMAN.

The Arkansas kicker felt his angst. He had to reach out to encourage and remind him that someone understands. I have no doubt that when all the anger from fans and his coach is so loud, this moment of empathy and compassion will help him cope.

Things aren’t always as easy as they seem when looking at someone’s role. We could easily say, “He had one job—kick it through the uprights!”, but that would be unfair. Emotions are tied to these moments, and outliers that influence focus. It’s difficult to be perfect in these moments.

What a lesson this is. ♥️