A Culture of Kindness

We have all heard the saying, "Kindness goes a long way". How far does it go in a school? What is our role in teaching kindness? Should it be part of our role? It isn't part of the Common Core Standards, or required state standards. Where does it fit in our school day? We all … Continue reading A Culture of Kindness

Content After Relationships: The #CARInitiative

I am very honored to have collaborated on this post with John Riley, an amazing educator and friend. John and I are likeminded in many areas, but our most common link is passion regarding what is best for kids (BFK), and the power of social media. We hope you will benefit from our collective thoughts, … Continue reading Content After Relationships: The #CARInitiative

The Best Homework EVER

Homework. Who invented it? I have always wondered about where homework originated. I believe whoever initiated the concept had great intentions of helping kids. When I speak with some families who have multiple children, it saddens me when they tell of spending hours at the kitchen table helping kids with piles of homework. Doesn't this … Continue reading The Best Homework EVER