Becoming a Legacy Leaving Leader (L3)

I have been revisiting and reflecting on the following post that I wrote in 2016. It is the focus of the March 27, 2018 #CultureEd chat on Twitter. While I feel I have made strides toward being a L3 (Legacy Leaving Leader), I know I am still a work in progress. When I first wrote the post, I honestly felt as if I would have arrived by now! My reflections have led me to realize that being an L3 requires daily refleciton to action in all 6 areas, and living them with intention. We never ‘arrive’, because leaving a legacy is not about reaching a destination. It is about maximizing moments in the journey, and learning with others along the way.

Revisiting the post taught me something I never expected to learn…
My blog posts are always reflections on my experiences and learning. I can learn from reflections on my own reflections, and become stronger because of it.


Learning and Leading: A Joyful Leader's Journey


Leading effectively is, for lack of a better term, HARD. It requires being a visionary, management skills, a gift of making connections, and TOUGH skin! It doesn’t require a title or position, although often times there is one. Anyone can lead from where they are, and anyone can be ineffective in leadership position. Great leaders are not made from hierarchical positions, nor are people born with leadership ability. The habits of great leaders can be learned by all. Some choose to embrace them, others choose to manage instead. Legacy leaving leaders, or what I like to call, L3s, have incredible traits that enable them to make a larger impact that lasts beyond their service. They are curious, they dream, and they are relentless. They do these things in a transparent way so others will become inspired, and they communicate their dreams in such a way that others want to be a…

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