Be a Miracle Helper

Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing. ~Wayne Dyer

Miracles happen every day, I am convinced of it. I am not always a witness, or involved in them. It occurred to me recently that I don’t see or experience them often because I do not have a habit of expecting and searching for them. Even more importantly, I have developed a habit of dismissing my responsibility of being prepared with an open mind and heart for the miracles in the moments of every day. I forget some days about the power I have as an educator to be intentional in serving others.

Will I be ready to help a miracle when an opportunity opens up? How can my gifts help manifest little miracles in the moments? I know God uses people to perform His miracles,. I don’t want to miss an opportunity to be a



Education is a profession where we expect the unexpected every day! No day is EVER the same, because kids are very unpredictable variables! This is one of the reasons I love the profession so much, because each day brings new learning, memories, and experiences. There is no assembly line in our schools, and if there were, the belt would wear out quickly!

We make a difference each and every day (positive or negative). Some days the impact is very evident, or is shared with you. Other days we never know what kind of difference we made. Little miracles happen in our schools that we take advantage of, and reflection can help us appreciate the miracles themselves and the role we play in them. A child with special needs recognizing his name for the first time…miracle. A teacher who discovered a student’s home life included physical abuse…miracle. A mom who accepts help from the school for clothing and food…miracle.

Whether it becomes clear to us or not, I believe there are a few simple things we can do each day to be a better miracle helper.

  • Be more intentional with your connections.
  • Observe and listen more.
  • Expect miracles every day.
  • Consider yourself as a gateway of service for miracles.
  • Remember that miracles can happen TO us, too!
  • Wake up each morning determined to see opportunities in every situation.
  • Pray and reflect.

A simple, yet focused list of “to dos” can make the difference in how we serve others, and how often the impossible happens in our lives. Be a miracle helper…the world needs them.