#JoyfulLeaders: A Hashtag is Born

JOY. I love this word. When I hear it, I want to smile. I constantly look for it in others, and if it isn’t there, I strive to instill it. JOY. Everyone should have it. Everyone should feel it. We are meant to experience joy, but we are also meant to share our joy with others. My favorite word has become part of who I am, how I live, and how I lead.


How can we make sure our joy is seen, heard, and felt? We must be intentional. Sharing our joy can “just happen”, but it is so powerful when it is intentionally spread to others. I have found that sharing joy, even when I am struggling with my own, ultimately comes back to me in a powerful way.


My school family at Central Elementary has been blessed to serve as a model school for Jon Gordon’s The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey, led by Niki Spears. I read The Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon many years ago, and it changed my entire mindset. I am thankful for a school family who has embraced the ten rules for the ride of your life, and model them daily for our kids. We lead and serve each day in education, and I choose to lead with JOY.

The hashtag #JoyfulLeaders is born upon the publishing of this post. Along with what I hope becomes a widespread joy movement, comes 10 traits of #JoyfulLeaders. There are so many more, but these are the 10 that I hold close and try to live out each day.

Ten Habits of #JoyfulLeaders



Look for the hashtag on Twitter!

  1. Smile…a lot!
  2. Are intentional.
  3. Always look for ways to share joy with others.
  4. Seek out people with an empathetic heart.
  5. Serve with humility.
  6. Inspire with purpose.
  7. Laugh out loud!
  8. Make eye contact.
  9. Listen to understand.
  10. Keep love at the center of the organization in which they belong.

#JoyfulLeaders have the capacity to build other #JoyfulLeaders, and the ripple effect begins with YOU. We are all leaders where we serve. I serve kids, and I do so with JOY in my heart. Whatever you do, and wherever you lead, do it with joy…be a #JoyfulLeader and make your mark on the world, while inspiring others to do the same.

Find your JOY, and never stop sharing it with the world. photo8 (2)


A special thanks to Jon Gordon for continually inspiring, and for his Chief Energy Officer, Niki Spears for her support with becoming an Energy Bus School. They are both true examples of #JoyfulLeaders.