What Flavor is YOUR Kool-Aid? 

Several months ago, one of us received a message from an administrator in another school district who asked if he could come visit our school.  In his message, he remarked, “I want to drink the Kool-Aid you’re drinking.” If we visited your school, what would we notice? If we walked the halls of your building, … Continue reading What Flavor is YOUR Kool-Aid? 

What if Your Glitch is Your Niche?

  Before I begin, let me apologize for the wordsmiths out there who know that 'glitch' and 'niche' rhyme, but look different. It sounds good though! Glitch: a minor problem that causes a temporary setback  Niche: a place, status, activity, or employment where someone is best fitted Famous Failures The above video is an example … Continue reading What if Your Glitch is Your Niche?

Instead of Hate, Let’s Educate Betsy Devos 

Please read the following article published by The Washington Post, as my thoughts are based upon it.  DeVos criticized teachers at D.C. school she visited — and they are not having it I have been through many emotions regarding the changes in education, and the leadership our nation now has in place. I began at … Continue reading Instead of Hate, Let’s Educate Betsy Devos 

Lifeline of a Lead Learner

Teacher: "Okay, boys and girls...today we are increasing our amount of creative free writing." Students: (in a wave across the room) "YEEEESSSSS!" This is the conversation I am listening to at this very moment. Kids excited about being able to express themselves freely, and a teacher willing to offer them the opportunity. I hear kids … Continue reading Lifeline of a Lead Learner

Moving from a Classroom of Kids to a Community of Learners

Discipline and classroom management are two major components of school culture. Within each classroom is a community that runs differently from the next room down the hall. All communities together make up one large community, each contributing to the school's overall culture. Neither can be taken lightly, and when one isn't in place, the environment … Continue reading Moving from a Classroom of Kids to a Community of Learners


"We are the Champions", by Queen, featuring The Peanuts 2014...INSPIRE...2015...FEARLESS...2016...EMPOWER...2017...CHAMPION It is hard to believe that a new year is upon us. It seems like yesterday I was reflecting on my one word for 2016 and preparing a blog post with a friend. Each year seems to go by faster, both personally and professionally! 2017 … Continue reading #OneWord2017…CHAMPION

#JoyfulLeaders: A Hashtag is Born

JOY. I love this word. When I hear it, I want to smile. I constantly look for it in others, and if it isn't there, I strive to instill it. JOY. Everyone should have it. Everyone should feel it. We are meant to experience joy, but we are also meant to share our joy with … Continue reading #JoyfulLeaders: A Hashtag is Born